Thursday, April 19, 2012

What bugs me

So, I thought I would post a blog about a few things that bug or irritate me. 
This guy looks irritated.

Since I drive at night, I get a lot of this:  drivers that leave their bright lights on when they are coming at me.  Sometimes if I see it I quickly flash my brights to remind them to dim them.  Anymore, that doesn't even work anymore, so I don't even do it.  It's VERY hard to see and dangerous since I've got 40 tons of truck barrelling down the road and blinded by someone's bright lights.  Other big trucks are doing it a lot too.  Its usually the newer drivers that don't know any better.  At any rate, you shouldn't ever drive with your brights/high beams on while going down the Interstate!
Tough to see!
People that cut in front of me.  It's hard to stop already.  It's even harder to think about what's on both side of me and find an escape route if I can't stop in time.  It's very dangerous & I don't think people realize just what kind of trouble they're putting themselves into when they cut in front of me. 
Not a good idea.
Bad attitudes really irritate me.  When people lose their cool over something they have no control of, that just shows a total lack of maturity.  There is no need to get upset over something you have no control over.  Second, most of the people I come across every day are adults.  They need to act like it, not like some goof ball character on TV!
Grow up, you two!
So, what makes me happy?  On a nightly routine, there are some good parts to it.  Every now & then, I stop off at Whataburger in Aledo & get a meal.  The people there are VERY nice.  Anthony, Kasey (not my wife), and the gang are very fast, courteous, and friendly.  It's always a treat getting to stop there.  They have this one little spot where you can park a truck & that's where I land.  I usually stop around 1am to 4am.  I'm usually the only person in there!  I know it might sound silly, but Whataburger is my favorite little splurge.  Taquitos are my favorite.  The Green Chili Double is a close 2nd. 
Oh yeah!
XM Radio makes me happy.  I have so many channels, I never get bored!  I listen to Bluegrass, Old Country, 80s music, some rock, comedy, classical, movie soundtracks & sports. 
A sample satellite radio receiver.
So, what irritates you?  What makes you happy?  Do you guys have favorite fast food places?  I like Taco Bell & Carl's Jr too.  I don't like the chain restaurants except for maybe Rosa's cafe.  Probably my favorite restaurant is Tres Portrillos in Guymon.  It's very authentic mexican food.  But I found out that they closed down, so now that bugs me!!!

I hope you're having a great week!  --Mr. Walker

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