Monday, November 28, 2011

Back from Thanksgiving!!

I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving holiday break!  Mine was exciting.  I've been running every day up until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  I saw some interesting things, too!!  I ran back to our Snyder, TX yard on Saturday and got loaded, then went right back to Midlothian.  I spent my Thanksgiving there in Midlothian with my wife's family.  I dumped my load last night (Sunday night) and got back around noon here in Snyder today (Monday). 

SOOO....what did you guys eat for Thanksgiving?  We had an AWESOME turkey that my wife made.  She does it soooo good.  We had all the sides from stuffing, to mashed potatoes, to green beans, to homemade rolls, to pecan pie!  What are your favorite Thanksgiving treats? 

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Geico NASCAR truck!!
So, NASCAR's season wrapped up in Phoenix, Arizona, then down in Miami, Florida.  (Can you find those cities on the atlas?)  I saw a LOT of the trucks that haul the racecars going down the road the last couple of weeks going to and from those races.  Let me tell you, even the trucks go fast!!  This is the Geico Toyota Nascar Truck for Casey Mears.  This was him headed West, most likely to the Phoenix race.  Pretty cool, huh? 

Big truck leaving a spray of water from driving on the wet roads.  Sure makes it harder for cars to drive through that!
We finally got some much needed rain as well this past week.  It makes it a little tricky to drive in sometimes.  Visibility is lower and you have to give yourself more room for stopping.  It sure was nice getting all this rain, we sure need it!!  My truck is sorta yucky now with road grime.  It always gets that way after driving through rain. 

NFR starts this week!!
Some of you remember, I'm a rodeo fan!  I grew up doing it when I was your age.  The NFR stands for National Finals Rodeo.  It's when all the top performers from each event get together for one last rodeo for the year to see who the champion is!!  It starts on Thursday and you can bet I will be recording it so I can watch it when I'm at home!! 

I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!!  I hope school is going well for you!  --Mr. Walker

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Not been keeping up!

Hey, guys!  First off - big sorry for not keeping up on here.  Things have been wild!!

This is what things have felt like lately!!
I went to Guymon, Oklahoma - where I used to live.  We have a house up there for sale still.  I replaced an awning and did some yard work.  We loaded and moved that last of our things up there.  That was a VERY busy three days. 

Guymon is actually closer to Denver, Colorado than it is to Dallas, Texas!
When we got back, we had to remove a wall just to get our couch through the door.  So, I've been doing some construction on the house to get it back in good shape.  Then we had to find a place for all of the rest of our things we brought back.  It was a chore, but we got it all in.  We have a small bunkhouse and most of it went in there. 

How many times have you guys ever moved?

Things have been very busy lately with working on the house & getting it in good shape.  Also been driving every day to Midlothian.  It's been very busy and I haven't been near the computer much.  I'll try to be better about it in the coming days.  Are you guys getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday?  Going anywhere exciting?  How many of you are going somewhere else and how many of you are staying home for Thanksgiving?  I hope you guys are doing great!! 

--Mr. Walker

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Assignment done!

My assignment on Brazos County is done!  I hope you guys like it!!  How did your reports go?  I'm sure you guys probably did better than I did!!  I hope you turned yours in on time unlike me.  I did have a lot going on.  So, let's catch up....

I hope your homework isn't doing this to you!

I got my truck 24 back!  It has a new Air Conditioner compressor.  It also has a new starter and fires right up now!  Truck 9 was a good one and treated me well.  I have been getting into a good routine at work.  I've been leaving around 8:00 - 9:00 PM and getting back around 6:00 - 7:00 AM.  It's been dark still when I get home.  It makes going to bed easier when it's still dark instead of being light out!  Have you ever tried to go to bed when it's still light out?  It's hard!

Truck 24 and my trailer (#122) has had some tire troubles.  Hauling scrap is probably one of the most demanding on truck tires.  We drive over small pieces of metal and have to back up to large piles of scrap.  Most of my tires have small pieces of metal stuck right in them!!  It started when one of my trailer tires went flat and came off the rim.  It got patched and I went on my way.  Later in my trip back to Sweetwater it went flat again!!  The patch came off.  The tire guy came back out and put a different tire on it.  Another one was leaking on my trailer and I was having to fill it every other night to top it off.  It got replaced as well. 

Some bad tires and how it would be caused.

On my truck, I had one go bald on me.  My shocks on my truck have been out since I've been in it.  It makes my truck ride rough and can make my tires go bald.  So it got replaced as well.  It sure feels good knowing I have three tires that are in much better shape. 

Did you know - truck drivers call pieces of tire on the highway "alligator"?  "Watch for the alligator Westbound at mile marker 344 in the middle and right lane." - would be something they would say.  Funny, huh. 
 I have cows on the farm again!!  The farmer that farms the cotton on our farm is using some of our haygrazer to graze some of his cows for a while.  They won't be here long, since there's not a lot for them.  Just enough to hold them over for a while.  Since there isn't much feed around here it was good for him to have somewhere to put his cows for a while. 

Black baldy calf
Well, I'm off for another run.  I hope you guys are having a great week!!  The holiday are coming up, what are you doing to get ready?  --Mr. Walker