Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hospital time

Well, as you can see, I haven't posted a new blog since the first part of March.  I went into the hospital with an asthma outbreak and pneumonia.  I was coughing and wheezing very bad.  I went to the doctor on a Monday, and after an hour with the doctor I was being told to go to the hospital.  I was in the hospital for 6 days.  My oxygen levels were very low and I had to be on constant oxygen the whole time I was in there. 
This is the hospital I was at for 6 days here in Snyder, TX.
I do NOT like being sick.  I really don't like being stuck somewhere like the house or a bed.  Some people really like laying around and doing nothing all the time but it drives me up the wall!!  I was sure happy to get out.  I worked for about 5 days and I got sick again.  This time, I have a viral infection an I've been off since Wednesday.  Hopefully, if I'm feeling better, I go back to work on Monday. 

My new trailer & computer with Truck 24
The steel mill is closed right now as they are performing a computer upgrade plant-wide.  So, I would be going back to Waco like when this school year started.  A few new good things about my truck:  It has a new computer!  Now all my gauges work all the time.  I got my trailer back from when I laid it over at the steel mill!  I got my AC ducts cleaned out so they don't have any old dust or dander in them anymore. 
I did get a bolt in a tire one night.  That's the tire guy's truck in the background & the bolt in my hand. 
I have been able to do a few chores around the house.  I've fixed a few things up & rode Grumpy a few times.  I've played a lot with Lindsey which is always fun.  She is sure talking a lot!!  She likes to go outside with me.  Almost every time, she goes out to the front yard and yells, "Grumpy!  Are you?".  She's wanting to know where he is.  She likes watching him graze on grass. 

I will try to get back on a better pace posting my blogs.  I'm sure happy to be out of the hospital & I'm looking forward to getting back to work!  I think Mrs. Walker & Lindsey will be happy to see me at work and not at home bugging them all the time!  I hope you guys had a great spring break.  I look forward to healthier days!  --Mr. Walker

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New to the farm...

The votes are in!!  I'm surprised at the things you guys think I would bring onto the farm.  Piranna? Jackalope?  Hippo?  Moose?  You guys crack me up.  I have to admit, we already have bunnies on the farm.  They are wild.  I don't really own them.  Jackrabbits and cottontails.  They love to sneak dog food if Bailey doesn't finish her dinner.  So, without delay... our new addition is: 

It's a horse!  Meet Grumpy.  My dad had Grumpy out in Sierra Blanca, TX.  He picked him up in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Grumpy is actually very nice & gentle.  He is old enough to vote.  I'm not completely sure how old, but I'm guessing he's older than 18.  He is a team roping rope horse.  He is a bay horse (that's a color).  Pretty good article here on horse colors.  He is good on heels or head.  He's a lot of fun to rope on.  He's eating what grass we have left along with a 12% protein sweet feed and some alfalfa pellets to supplement our poor forage (grass).  He drinks out of one of our water tanks.  One of them has this HUGE old goldfish my mother put in there years ago.  He was the only one to survive and he is about a foot long!  We haven't named him.  Any suggestions?  Each of you guys come up with 2 names for my goldfish and Mrs. Walker & I will take our favorites & have you guys vote on it!

So, I saw this: 
This truck was licensed out of Moriarity, New Mexico.  That's just East of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  (That's a hard one to learn to spell.  My dad still can't spell it, he just puts down ABQ - the airport code)  I saw the driver, and told him I liked his truck.  It had a brand new trailer on it and he was empty.  He pulled up right next to me at the fuel island in Tye, TX.  See #24 on the left? 

Truck 24 took a dive last night.  It has a major computer problem (ECM - Engine Control Module).  It would only let me speed up to 55 MPH last night on the way back from Midlothian.  It took 5 1/2 hours to get back!!  It is at the shop right now in Snyder.  I will be working local picking up scrap from a demolition of an old power plant in Colorado City, TX just 20 miles South of Snyder for the next few days.  Hopefully I will have pictures for you. 
What it felt like!  AHHHhhhh....
I hope school is going well for you.  Spring Break must be coming up soon!  Please be safe during the break and try to enjoy your time off! 
Safe travels if you guys are going somewhere!

--Mr. Walker